Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Breeze

EOS 7D - F5.6 - ISO 400 - 135MM - 1/1250

Summer Breeze

My wife and I have visited Acadia National Park several times this summer. One thing I have noticed about the BEAUTIFUL state of Maine, is that the shoreline is not all owned by wealthy people and blocked from us common folks view. This park actually allows you to walk out onto the cliffs and view the ocean. This particular day my wife and I had done a lot of walking, I got bit by a spider who landed in the back of my shirt from a tree, and I was exhausted. I ventured out onto this cliff anyway to see what I could shoot. As I was trying to make my way back, this gull landed right in front of me. I laid down and took a few shots. This one was as he was running to fly away.

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